Hello beautiful people,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule (most probably running around half naked children avoiding stepping on a path of Lego bricks trying to get them to eat their dinner). So I will keep it short and tell you a wee bit about us.

Let’s start with the ‘In-Charge’ of the family, my four year old girl Ameera aka ‘The Boss’. She’s sweet, she’s pretty, she’s very harsh. Ameera has me wrapped around her finger and I cave in to her every demand. She even bosses about Mr 7 ‘Going’ to 11 who is turning into a proper gentleman the older he gets. Protective, kind and sometimes annoyed are Raees’ best qualities. Annoyed can sometimes be an understatement considering he has to deal with ‘The Khan Twins’, ‘Gruesome Twosome’ our crazy and maniac Twin A (Noor) and Twin B (Isaak or is it Issak – I can never bloody remember what the correct spelling is). Noor the cute faced terror who is the brains of the pair while Twin B being the brawn.

All four are handled on a day to day basis by the gorgeous and sexy better half who by profession is a Solicitor but still on her maternity (mostly out of choice, partially out of being more or less constantly pregnant). That leaves me, 34 years young, handsome, cute, honest, charming…all words of my mother. I’m a Human Rights lawyer second and a Humanitarian first, charity volunteer, brother, husband, son and most importantly a father. We also have a cat named Mano who is deaf and just plain weird.

Well, that’s us, The Khan Family and this is my life.