There’s one, and There’s another

It was a warm April’s night, Mr 7 ‘going’ to 11 and ‘The Boss’ were asleep in their bedrooms. What was supposed to be a quick show of affection turned into an emotional evening of ‘life changing actions’.

Only a few months earlier we had purchased two brand new vehicles, a Jaguar and a Mercedes. Had the house re-done and were content with where we were in life. Two lovely kids, a boy and a girl and they were just starting to get independent with most of their needs. Date nights, long haul holidays, cinema visits and fine dining were just some of the perks we had worked towards.
So, that April’s night, whilst feeling extremely emotional and in love, in the midst of the romance, I suggested we have another baby, we decided that we would speak about it and so we did. About 50 seconds later we came to the joint (90% me) decision that we would try for one more. Now, considering the first two took us three years and one year respectively, no way in the world did we think that this time it would only take us… one go!

A couple of weeks passed and Mamma Bear was feeling lethargic, moody and irritable. One day she called me at work and said, “Guess what?” (To which I obviously replied, “Are we having KFC for dinner”) but clearly we weren’t. Something was cooking but it wasn’t a bird, it was a teeny weeny embryo.

In weeks to follow I constantly made jokes about her stomach growth and that maybe it was twins. At all times these were jokes and banter and never in my wildest of dreams (or nightmares) had I envisaged actually having twins. Fast forward a few weeks and we are now in the Ultrasound room, Mrs Khan lying there shirt pulled up holding my hand. And then we hear what we never thought we would ever hear, “There’s one and there’s another”. It was at this moment Nosheen started to cry, I was confused and excited but didn’t know which one more as I was trying to figure out if her cry was one of pleasure or pain. The crying continued for three days, in the shower, whilst driving and when eating. She cried continuously for three days non –stop and stopped on the fourth.

The next few months we spent worrying about everything! We had two children already and were on expert level when it came to child birth and parenting but we were now in a brand new and unfounded path. We now had to be twice as careful, twice as cautious and that meant everything would have to be x2, including her growth and our expenses. The cars had to go, the pushchair had to be changed, where were we going to keep them? How were we going to afford the new things? These were the simplest of questions we had and they got more and more intense and concerning as time went on.

The day finally came and our babies were born, Twin B decided to stay in there for an extra 13 minutes and needed to be dragged out by the doctor. He spent the next two days in special care and on the third was brought down to his mother and sister. I like any other caring father and husband, spent the night with Mamma Bear and our new cubs, for the first time together with the twins in this world. It was the most difficult night of my life as they were a total nightmare. Crying, screaming, staying awake, pooing, it was awful.

That night I cried all night AND for the following three days. “That’s why I cried when we found out” said Nosheen. Only if she had bloody told me the reason at that time, I also would’ve got it out of the way early!

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